How To Become A Fashion Designer

20. March 2017 Fashion Designer 0

Being a fashion designer does not have a formal certification or a four to five years’ education for you to become successful. But that doesn’t say that going through many steps of learning and developing skills as a fashion designer is an easy task. Keep in mind that if you want to reach a goal, you must work hard for it regardless of how many years in you are in the process of becoming a fashion designer.

Another factor to become one of the best fashion designers is combining all of the skills such as sewing, designing skills, drawing, a basic knowledge in the fashion industry and perseverance.

It is important to make your fashion portfolio especially if you are planning to have a business. This will help strengthen your ability and credibility as a fashion designer. With a good knowledge of running your business, here are the following tips for you to become a great fashion designer.

  1. Developing your skills– as mentioned, it is essential that you start honing your skills in such a manner of practicing it as often. If you have thought of an idea, gladly fill your sketching pad and begin to draw. Visualizing your concept is important like for example the design of the dress, the type of fabrics to used, the color and texture of the dress, it layers and the mechanical skills be used in making the dress. It is advisable that if you have a child who already has an eye for fashion, it would be best to develop his or her skills in beauty and fashion designing.
  1. Learning more through getting a fashion degree– if you think that being a fashion designer is just about drawing, styling and designing well there is more than that. Of course, for you to become a well-established designer, you need to learn new things with regards to fashion designing. It is advisable for you to look for a school that offers an opportunity to grow and gives out good criticisms. Having a degree in fashion adds value to your profession. It makes you attractive as well by the time you can build your foundation.
  1. Design the kind of field that you want to have as a fashion line– decide first as to how you want people to see you as a fashion designer. For example, making haute couture, ready to wear clothing, are you for fitness or lingerie? Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages, so, it is important that you study your passion for you to have a constant and stable clothing line.


  1. Your ego– at some point in time, the more you are learning and improving your skills that mean you are becoming better and better. However, if you are to reach this stage in your life, always humble yourself down, no matter what the road takes you. Remember that other designers are also good in making their style and it is always a competition.
  1. Asking your customers– another way for you to be established is that you must ask your costumers what they want to happen and always be realistic in suggesting to your clients such as considering the weather is one important fact that makes clothing very uncomfortable. Convenience is one way to ensure that your customers will feel good while wearing your design.
  1. Be inspired– this is the best way for you to work on a good layout. Getting inspired by the people that surround you or perhaps a person that motivates you to become a better fashion designer. This will also help you grow and become successful as well.